Popcorn Boxes

Buy Best Quality Popcorn Boxes Online
Most of the companies take lot of care in choosing the packaging boxes as they can further enhance not only the safety of the product but also add an appeal with improving the visibility of the brand in the public.The Eliquidboxesco.co.uk is one of the leading company in offering different types of packaging boxes suitable for eliquid business and other products. You can find the company bringing different types of packaging boxes with customised designing and printing suitable for the client’s needs. You can find them offering a variety of boxes like eliquid boxes, dropper bottle boxes, popcorn boxes, mailer boxes and many more that suits to the clients’ requirement. There is no doubt most of the customer’s judge the quality of the product based on the packaging quality. Hence it is very important to choose the best card board boxes for product packaging along with custom printing so that the customers can easily differentiate your product from the competitors and also enhance your brand image.
Eliquid Boxes Uk
The Eliquidboxesco.co.uk a huge variety of boxes done with materials like cardboard, one side coated card material, double side coated card material, natural card material, brown card material and many more that can be customised with graphic printing, colours, embossing, stamping and also foiling to make your packaging material stand out from the rest. You can find their popcorn boxes offered in the special shaped and locked bottom and open top that makes very convenient to hold popcorn. They offer these boxes in different sizes and also customization with special colour printing, embossing, foiling and UV designs. You can find them offering both semi auto lock and auto lock so that you can just twist them to make them ready for holding your popcorn. The boxes are offered in all custom sizes and shapes according to your interest on a minimum order quantity of 100. The default box process include die cut, scoring, gluing and perforation. The printing options include CMYK, PMS or without printing. The paper stock ranges from 220gsm to 500gsm cardboard stock. You can have options like custom window cut, embossing, foiling, raised ink etc along with a proof of flat view, 3D view or physical sampling on request.
Popcorn boxes
You can be assured about the best quality and price compared to other competitors in the market. The boxes are shipped to you within 5 to 7 days and in case you are not satisfied with the product there is always a return policy.

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